We are gamers!  

We love God!





Gospel Gamers believes in making friends. 

Enjoy games and build deeper relationships.



Gospel Gamers believes that nothing is more important than your spiritual well being.

Can we grow spiritually and have fun doing it?  GG will show you how!

Welcome to the place where Gaming meets God!

You found it!  You found the place where games, video games, sports games, board games, all kinds of games, meet God!

Explore, check us out, chill with us and make some new friends.

Be challenged.  You thought games were challenging before, now comes the real challenge.

Reach out.. Make a connection and get an understanding about things that can be fun, but really matter.

Semper fi! (just cuz we like to say that).

Volunteer.  Help is Welcome. Play a part in fresh revolution!

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  • Next Gen Sports Challenge Gaming fun Saturday Afternoon! Live Hip Hop Concerts SUNNY SOUTH DALLAS ◾When: Saturday 15, 2014 from 1-6 pm ◾Where: 828 4th Ave. Dallas TX. 75226 PAN AFRICAN CONNECTION There will also be an African Fashion Show which you truly DO NOT want to miss! Reviving the Elements of Hip Hop brings some fantastic musical performances from some of the hottest Conscious Artists
  • Gospel Gamers in Downtown Garland
  • Emmanuel Johnson, Morris Hunter, Vince Way at Gospel Gamers Event